Real World Resume

  • I am currently the costume shop manager for a regional theatre in Lowell, MA. I have a strong background in educational leadership, staff management, working on deadlines, and working in the electronic era. I am currently seeking a position to continue to expand my career and learning.

  • Have held supervisory positions for staffs as small as one and as large as twenty.
  • Have managed scheduling, task assignment, keeping team focused on tasks and meeting deadlines, run team meetings.
  • Experience handling conflict among employees and conflict resolution meetings to keep a positive work place.
  • Taught high school students in English and Economics, taking into account many diverse learning abilities and backgrounds.
  • Promoted from assistant manager to manager after working for six months at Reynold’s Recital Hall.
  • Represents department for interdepartmental meetings.

Technical Skills-
  • Fluent in all Microsoft Office programs as well as Google Calendar.
  • Basic HTML knowledge- have built websites with Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and Seamonkey.
  • Type and average of 60 WPM
  • Internet savvy
  • Strong data input skills acquired through my work with Northern Michigan University’s Publicity department as well as inputting all receipts and purchase orders into budget forms for both Williamstown Theatre and Merrimack Repertory Theatre.
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Have served as an editor for thesis candidates as well as Master’s program applicants.

Meeting Deadlines-
  • Successfully completed a six show season and two seven show seasons with two different theatre companies- fast paced transitions and working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Worked with NMU’s publicity department writing news releases with strict deadlines.
  • Oversaw scheduling of twenty person staff to guarantee we met all deadlines or finished projects early with no overtime needed.
  • Serve as a design assistant for Merrimack Repertory Theatre- responsible for keeping the designer on task, on time, and under budget.

Educational Leadership-
  • Completed secondary education degree with over 100 hours of hands on work in classroom before student teaching.
  • Lead peers in classroom discussion and lesson plans.
  • Completed 15 weeks of student teaching followed by continued work with the school as tutor and substitute teacher.
  • Mentored students in forensics, mathematics, and college prep writing.
  • Lead a group of my peers in continuing career education.
  • Held design presentations for community college theatre class.
  • Was head of my class in percussion ensembles, steel drum band, wind ensemble, and vocal ensembles all through high school.

Work History-
  • Costume Shop Manager, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Massachusetts August 08-May 09, August 09- May 10
  • Assistant Costume Shop Manager, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Massachusetts June 09-August 09
  • Wardrobe Assistant, Branson Variety Theatre, Missouri June 08-August 08
  • Recital Hall Manager, Northern Michigan University, Michigan August 07- May 08
  • Wardrobe Assistant, Seaside Music Theatre, Florida June 07- August 07
  • Assistant House Manager, Northern Michigan University, Michigan January 07-May 07
  • Arts and Crafts Counselor, Camp Cayuga, Pennsylvania June 06- August 06
  • Administrative Assistant, Northern Michigan University, Michigan August 03-May 04

  • Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI- Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in English and a double minor in Political Science and Art.
  • Mortar Board, Publicity Chair and Web designer (Member since Fall 2007)
  • English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta- (Member since Fall 2007)